The 2013 SEDA Series Presentations were held on the "not so scary" Friday 13th September at the International Motel on Millicent Road, Mount Gambier.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it a great night and congratulations to every horse and rider combination who competed throughout the 2013 Series, from Prep through to Medium over the 5 competition rounds this year.

We now look forward to our next Club Day on Sunday 13th October (training round with the dressage arenas at the Mount Gambier Pony Club) and then a Competition Day on Sunday 24th November. See you there!

1st Morgan Munn and Max,
2nd Byron Field and Andy,
3rd Lauren Miller and Bella.

Prep Horse:
1st Sally Mitchell and Beau,
2nd Teresa Priddle and Classic Antonio,
3rd Wayne Field and Glenfield Scotchman,
Equal 4th Melissa Curran and Buddy, Lesa Van Uitert and Sunny Time

Prep Pony:
1st Julie Warneke and Ace,
2nd Mercedes Scott and Whitney,
3rd Zoe Kinley and Scooby,
4th Kane Johnson and Sparrow

Prelim Horse:
1st Anna Mitchell and October,
2nd Meredith Phillips and WP Roxburgh,
3rd Sally Russell and Roxleigh Frangelica,
4th Lauren Harvey and Blu de Ville,
5th Donna Eichler and Barrington Lightyear

Prelim Pony:
1st Zoe Kinley and Verdasco,
2nd Robyn Parker and Jazail Miri,
3rd Jess Herring and Wadalee Cartier,
4th Jess Herring and Wynara Lollypop

Novice Horse:
1st Ellen Russell and Meridian Dakota,
2nd Kate Warneke and Gary,
3rd Steph Cooper and Star of Courage,
4th Jess Revell and Nimrod,
5th Brittany Kirkman and Jackson of the Moyne

Novice Pony:
1st Amy Silvester and Mistwood Enchantress,
2nd Luke Johnson and Barina Zen

Elementary Horse:
1st Michelle Linke & Acacia Ridge Gibralta,
2nd Ann Dodd and Bi-Centennial,
3rd Brittany Kirkman and Hotse,
4th Kristine Blacksell and Kinnordy Rspigihi,
5th Issy Dihm and New World Riverman

Elementary Pony:
1st Jacinta Johnson and Sanlirra Sunspot,
2nd Amy Silvester and SP Blueprint