April 2014 Member of the Month - Louise Foley

 When did you start riding?

I was riding before i could walk, so since i was very young.

How long have you been doing Dressage?

I have been doing dressage for a few years, I am aiming just to get out there and have fun, that is the main thing for me. 

How many horses do you have?

I have 2 horses, my 9 year old Highland Pony x Thoroughbred gelding, and a 6 year old mare who is currently in foal.

Your current dressage horse?

My gelding, Croftcnoc McAlister (pictured in the images above) is my dressage horse, we are out there to have fun. I like to have an enjoyable time and my gelding is lots of fun to take out and compete on. We are working at the lower level stuff, so we are not playing for cattle stations haha!

Goals for the next year

I like to do lots of different things, so my goals are to get out and compete in dressage, showjumping and eventing. I like to have a go at most things.

If you could ride any horse who would it be?

I love the grey Danish Warmblood mare "Blue Hors Matine", i think anyone who got to ride her was very lucky!

Other Pets?

I have cats & dogs plus my 2 horses.

Your best riding tip?

Always remember that the engine is behind!